Solo Opportunities


Since 2004, IYJA and IYCA’s mission has been to offer solo “concerto” opportunities to its students. Unlike other youth orchestras which only feature one soloist the entire year, IYCA features between fifteen to twenty soloists per concert. In the past, IYJA and IYCA has performed concerti for violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, and piano. Soloists have been featured in concerts locally and on international stages in Korea and China, with live radio and television coverage. IYCA often performs conductorless.


In 2011-12, IYCA soloists will have a chance to appear on national and international television in addition to solo appearances in a concert hall.


Playing solo concertos is extremely important to a young artist especially in their formative years. These opportunities are not offered for young musicians in most youth orchestras and is extremely valuable to a musician’s growth.


Soloists for IYJA and IYCA will be selected through auditions. Every musician who wishes to perform a solo with IYCA must participate in this audition. Auditions are held after each rehearsal. You will audition for Dean Anderson and Albert Wu. If you miss the audition for any reason, you may audition at the next rehearsal.

Only members of IYJA and IYCA are eligible for solo opportunities for concerts each season. IYCA will provide and purchase orchestra parts and scores.There is no limit to how many times you can play your concerto throughout the year or on tour. IYCA will be fair and give every member equal opportunities to perform.

If selected, each soloist is required to sell ten tickets at the concert they perform in. Each ticket is $10.

Please ask Music Director Dean Anderson for information about auditioning as a soloist.


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