IYCA Howard Needham Instrument Donation


I have had the great fortune of playing in Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesu violins in the past. It is important that young musicians be exposed to the use of fine instruments of the past to further their talents and careers. A great string instrument is absolutely vital for emerging artists – it allows young musicians to develop their sound and reach their artistic potential.


Having studied under the musicians and Concertmaster for the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, I now understand how important tradition is. For the Viennese, a huge part of this tradition is their concept of sound. The Vienna Philharmonic, like many American orchestras (such as the LA Philharmonic, for example), have a number of instruments reserved for the use by the principal players. Instruments are every bit as important as talent, hard work, and experience. We hope to offer access of fine instruments to principal players of IYCA.


In 2009, IYCA will spearhead it’s new Instruments Loan Program to principal players of the string section. Like the Stradivari Society of Chicago, this program is aimed at supporting gifted young artists at the highest level. Fine instruments will be offered to principal players. This is an opportunity to link superb instruments with talented, dedicated young artists. Only members of IYCA (principal players) will be eligible.

For string players, there is no greater satisfaction than performing on an exceptional instrument. Beginning in 2009, IYCA members will have such a chance.



In 2009, we wish to thank the following donors for use of their fine instruments.


Violin labeled Howard Needham

Made in Annapolis, MD Anno 2007

Donated by Mr. Howard Needham



Viola labeled Howard Needham

Made in Annapolis, MD Anno 2007

Donated by Mr. Howard Needham



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