“IYCA and Friends” Mentoring Program

Two wonderful things are happening in the 2009-10 season in the world of classical music. Two new conductors of two major professional American orchestras are bringing a breathe of fresh air to both the East and West Coasts here in the United States. In Los Angeles, the much anticipated arrival of Gustavo Dudamel and his new position with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. And in New York, the dawn of a new era under conductor Alan Gilbert, as he begins his tenure as music director of the New York Philharmonic. Both of these conductors have something which caught my eye: an idea to share music with young people. It isn’t a novel concept, as Leonard Bernstein should really be the one absorbing most of this credit from his “Young People’s Concerts” series. However, for me, both of these newly appointed music directors understand the need to “involve” young people in music, especially in these times.

As a musician, I’ve realized it isn’t enough to expose young people to music – in our age, for the younger generation especially, exposure to all kinds of music through iPods is readily accessible, free, abundant, and excessive. So what is the key? What must one do to evoke passion and appreciation? Have we done enough? What is missing?

Young people seem passively involved with music-making, by and large. Is this detrimental? Who do we point fingers at? Should we be worried?

For me, I grew up listening, meeting, and even performing with many great artists. The ones who I’ve never met I read about, watch, and hope to run across one day. Over the years, two artists have surfaced amongst the many I’ve met and grown into role models. They embody and believe that music has the power to “save” lives, help people, in addition to enriching their lives. Those two individuals are violinist Midori and cellist Yo-Yo Ma, both of whom are celebrities in the world of classical music.

Like Bernstein from years before, Midori, Yo-Yo Ma, Dudamel, and Gilbert all believe that music serves a higher purpose and needs to connect with the young people. With Midori, the solution is working with the American public school system. With Ma, it is his selfless work as the UN Peace Ambassador and work with pop celebrities and their charities. With Dudamel, it is reproducing his experiences with El Sistema here in LA with the Latino community. With Gilbert, it is free concerts for young people and continuing the Bernstein tradition.

These recent developments in the world of classical music cannot be ignored. They are deeply profound and rooted in the belief that they can generate the energy to inspire others. It is their visions which gave me confidence on the birth of “IYCA and Friends” for this coming 2009-2010 season, an idea that has been running in my head way before I even began this orchestra in 2004.

So the question remains: Can IYCA use music to connect with at-risk youths and those who can benefit from its stability? Can music save people? Can it teach young kids the many great lessons in life we should all learn?

Enough talk. Let’s let the music do the talking!

Albert Wu
(Sept 2009)

This is a program which will be completely student run with the purpose of offering free lessons by the students for other students. Teachers for this program must be members of IYCA. There are no exceptions.

When IYCA began in 2004, I had the desire to create a program as part of the orchestral program whereby students can teach other students, for free. In 2009, I’d like to advocate and implement this program. It promotes one simple concept: free private lessons. But for whom?

IYCA and Friends will target two groups of students. One. For those who are in IYJA and wish to receive free lessons from older students in IYCA. And two. For those who are less privileged and cannot afford music lessons or do not have access to music lessons at their schools.

As a teacher, I stress the importance of teaching as it is arguably the most direct way to pass on knowledge and traditions to another young person. What’s lacking in Orange County and Irvine is a tuition-free program whereby high school students who love teaching can teach younger students. Those who are passionate about helping others should consider enrolling in this program – the power to empower another human being with knowledge is in itself a life-changing experience.

Over the years, I have noticed that there are charities and nonprofits which embody this idea of ‘kids helping kids.’ However, there are no youth orchestra programs in Irvine or Orange County which offers free music lesson as part of its regular season. And this is why I think this program is much needed and deserves our attention.

IYCA and Friends has one simple mission: to offer lessons to those who wish to have lessons. Those who become the teachers will work with IYJA students, kids in foster homes, disabled kids, under-priveleged kids, as well as orphans. Since it will be student run, students will set up their own schedules with their students and mentor them on their own. IYCA students will learn to develop their own teaching styles and develop a special bond with their students through music. It is an Outreach Program of the most meaningful kind and IYCA staff will faciliate only when necessary. We will monitor but not micro-manage this program.

The birth of IYCA and Friends is an important step forward in establishing a scholarship fund for under-priveleged students outside of Irvine who will never have a chance to study a classical instrument. While this program could be beneficial to voice and piano, we will only offer lessons for strings and winds.

Students who wish to help under-priveleged students outside of Irvine will help facilitate and create an instrument collection for these pupils. It will be student run and fully student-organized. The repertoire taught will be repertoire which IYCA is currently working on. Those students who reach performance level by our concerts are invited to perform with us, side by side. While other youth orchestras pride themselves on sitting alongside professional, IYCA would like to perform side by side with those that our own members have trained. A most rewarding experience and sight!

I hope that this program grows as news of its success reaches those who wish to enroll in our program. The best teachers are the ones who desire to teach. It is this desire which I call love, and it is this love which we call passion. I hope the birth of this program preserves and promotes classical music to a wider audience, and I await to see the emergence of a new generation of musicians who would otherwise never had a chance to play an instrument.

Our most valued resource as musicians are each other, and I cannot think of a better way to invest in our younger generation.

Albert Wu
(Sept 2009)

Below are three models which we will incorporate into our musical outreach philosophy. One is in New York, one in Los Angeles, and one in Venezuela. If you’re out of ideas on how to help the world, read below for some true inspiration. Some truly honorable and compelling projects! (Re-printed from their respective websites.)


In New York, the New York Philharmonic forms partnerships with a small number of highly promising instrumental music programs, especially in underserved areas of New York City, in order help raise the level of instruction and performance. Aiming to foster ongoing personal relationships, members of the orchestra coach individual students, sections, and whole ensembles.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (MHOF) was inspired by the acclaimed motion picture Mr. Holland’s Opus, the story of the profound effect a dedicated music teacher had on generations of students. The film’s composer, Michael Kamen, founded MHOF in 1996 as his commitment to the future of music education.
MHOF donates both new and refurbished instruments to school and after-school music programs that lack the resources to keep up with equipment loss due to attrition, depreciation and wear over time, and to accommodate students on waiting lists or who have to share instruments. An infusion of instruments enables more students to participate and to experience a quality music education. It is vital that efforts are made to give youngsters every tool available within the small window of time when they can make the most of their education, and experience the benefits inherent in learning to play music.

MHOF Programs and How They Work
The Melody Program helps K-12 school music programs.
The Special Projects Program helps after school music programs.
The Michael Kamen Solo Award helps outstanding student musicians who cannot afford to obtain an appropriate instrument.
All applicants submit a pre-qualification form, and if the program meets our guidelines (see guidelines) we invite them to apply for a grant of instruments and/or repairs to instruments already in their inventory. Applications are reviewed by the MHOF Grant committee twice each year. The committee selects music programs that:
• demonstrate financial need and whose students are from low-income families
• have a strong music curriculum and strong participation
• show administrative support of the program
• have knowledgable and professional teachers
• present a compelling case for how the grant will benefit their students
When selected to receive a grant, MHOF distributes excellently refurbished instruments and purchases new instruments that become the property of the program. MHOF’s program staff follows the process from start to finish. If repairs are requested, an estimate for the cost of the repairs is submitted by the local music store, and when repairs are complete the instruments are returned to the school in a timely manner. MHOF purchases good, quality products that will last for many years, allowing generations of students to use them.
IMPACT OF THE PROGRAM. Every year, an average of 10,000 young people across the country benefit from MHOF Programs. Students who can’t afford to rent an instrument and kids on waiting lists are given an opportunity to play quality instruments which improves their experience and inspires them to accomplish more and more. A grant from MHOF elevates the music program and elicits more support and demand for music education for all students. Schools have fewer discipline problems, higher attendance and have more kids graduate when they are involved in the music program. Kids learn a skill and positive behaviors that will last well into their lives.
4370 Tujunga Avenue • Suite 330 • Studio City, CA 91604 Phone: 818.762.4328 • Fax: 818.762.4329 • E-Mail: info@mhopus.org

The organization’s name is long, but its aim is simple. The Fundación del Estado para el Sistema de Orquesta Juvenil e Infantil de Venezuela (Fesojiv for short) is the state foundation which watches over Venezuela’s 125 youth orchestras and the instrumental training programmes which make them possible. The walls of the crowded Caracas head office are plastered with photographs of generations of beaming children and their instruments. So many grins, so many children, so many instruments that there is hardly any blank wall left.

“Our first goal is not to create professional musicians,” explains Xavier Moreno, secretary of Fesojiv. Our goal is to rescue the children.

In fact, with its 30 professional symphony orchestras and a growing stream of internationally acclaimed soloists, Fesojiv (which Venezuelans refer to as el Orquesta or the sistema) is not doing a bad job of creating professional musicians. But its greatest achievement are the 250,000 children who attend its music schools around the country, 90% of them from poor socio-economic backgrounds.

Lennar Acosta, now a clarinettist in the Caracas Youth Orchestra and a tutor at the Simón Bolívar Conservatory, had been arrested nine times for armed robbery and drug offences before the sistema offered him a clarinet.

“At first, I thought they were joking,” he recalls. “I thought nobody would trust a kid like me not to steal an instrument like that. But then I realized that they were not lending it to me. They were giving it to me. And it felt much better in my hands than a gun.”

Edicson Ruiz became the youngest-ever double bass player in the Berlin Philharmonic at the age of 17. Eight years earlier, he was working as a part-time supermarket packer to supplement his mother’s meager income in a rough inner-city suburb of Caracas. The street, with its alcohol, drugs and gang warfare, was a strong lure, and his behavior was becoming increasingly violent. Then a neighbor told him about the local music school.

“They gave me a viola and sat me in the middle of the orchestra. I heard the sound of the double basses, and I thought, yes! This is the instrument for me!” recalls Ruiz, grinning at the memory.

.A few months later they put me in the national youth orchestra. Of course, I could not play the music! They always do it like that; they throw you in at the deep end.

“I remember looking at the music on the stand at my first orchestral rehearsal. It was a Tchaikovsky symphony. And I thought, ‘They are crazy!’ But they never, ever say, ‘You won’t be able to do that.’ Nobody ever said no to me in the orchestra. Never.”

Acosta and Ruiz tell stories that are echoed by the 400,000 youngsters who have grown with the sistema since its inception. The principles are simple. Children as young as two are given an instrument as soon as they can hold it. Tuition, outings, music and, where necessary, social support are all furnished free of charge in return for the child’s agreement to play in one of the sistema‘s ensembles. Lessons are in groups. Children who have mastered a scale or two are delegated to teach younger children. Peer support is fundamental. And orchestral playing is part of the programme from the beginning. Six days a week, four hours a day, the children play music together in one of 90 music schools, ornúcleos, around the country.

Not surprisingly under these circumstances, their rate of progress is astonishingly fast. In an atmosphere of encouragement, affection, mutual support and sheer, unfettered joy in the music at hand, the children have often reached a level of instrumental accomplishment that would win them entry into a European university by the time they are in their early teens.

As more and more outstanding Venezuelan musicians hit the international circuit, the world is taking notice. Claudio Abbado has made extended visits to Venezuela, rehearsing and performing with the youngsters for weeks, and speaks of the “sistema” in superlative terms. Zubin Mehta, Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and the late Giuseppe Sinopoli have all worked with the Venezuelan ensembles, and left expressing the highest praise. Simon Rattle has called it “the most important thing happening in classical music anywhere in the world.” The programme has received awards from UNICEF and UNESCO and expressions of admiration from figures as diverse as former South African president Nelson Mandela and actor Roger Moore.

It is all the vision of one man. José Antonio Abreu, qualified economist, organist and politician, resolved to do something to change social conditions in his country 30 years ago. At the time, there were just two symphony orchestras in Venezuela, both employing largely European musicians.

Abreu gathered eleven youngsters for a rehearsal in an underground car park, and told them that they were making history. At the next rehearsal, there were 25 musicians; the following day, 46; the day after, 75. In the heady days of the Venezuelan oil boom, Abreu managed to win government funding for his scheme from the department of health, arguing that the well-being of children at risk was at stake.

Today, the sistema employs 15,000 music teachers. The government funds it to the tune of an annual $29 million – in a country where the average annual income is below $3,500, enough to work miracles.

Extraordinarily, Abreu has persuaded seven successive changes of government to back his sistema.

“The government funds it precisely because of the social emphasis of the programme,” he explains. The state has understood perfectly that this programme, although it works through music, is essentially a social project, a project for human development, which is the main aim of the Venezuelan state.

“For the children that we work with, music is practically the only way to a dignified social destiny. Poverty means loneliness, sadness, anonymity. An orchestra means joy, motivation, teamwork, the aspiration to success. It is a big family which is dedicated to harmony, to those beautiful things which only music brings to human beings.”

Abreu, now 66 years old, is an omnipresent figure in the sistema, attending several concerts a day, often with a government minister in tow. A diminutive figure in jacket and tie, tireless, devout and universally respected, he is greeted everywhere with warmth and admiration. He is the genius behind the complex system of regional núcleos, and their unique pedagogical approach.

“Our pedagogy is based on individual creativity on the part of the teachers,” says Abreu. “They are very inventive. They have adapted the European methodology to our culture. And research has shown that music has changed the lives of the children, of their families, of entire communities here.”

Below are organizations IYCA are working with.

Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
Dr. Ana Jimenez-Hami is the Founder and Executive Director of the Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center, a community-based organization in Santa Ana dedicated to empowering at-risk youth and children with disabilities through arts, literacy and therapeutic programs. Also, she is a part-time faculty member at Chapman University in the School of Education. At Florida State University, she completed her Undergraduate and Master Degrees in Psychology and Music Therapy, respectively. In 1993, she received a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology and Special Education from the University of Southern California. Dr. Jimenez is the recipient of various awards – the recent recognitions include National Hispanic Business Women Association award for organizational entrepreneurship (May, 2007); a national award by the Heartspring Foundation for creativity in Special Education (July, 2007); and faculty award from Chapman University (June, 2007). Previous awards include: a (2006) community building award from the City of Santa Ana for her contribution to the Santa Ana community; a Human Relations award from the Orange County Human Relations Commission (2004) for promoting equality, human rights and justice, and a community building award in the fields of Arts & Culture by the National Organization of MANA (2003). Her passion is to use the creative arts as a therapeutic intervention to heal children and youth with disabilities, empower at-risk youth though literacy and leadership development, and research educational methods that will empower the Latino community and underprivileged families to succeed in the academic world and reach for higher educational goals. Dr. Jimenez has been with the Workforce Investment Board over a year and is actively involved in the Youth Council.

Contract Info:
2215 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92607
Phone: (714) 547 5468
Email: reception@occtac.org

IYCA Directing OCCTAC/IYCA Volunteering:
Inje Lee, violin
(949)697-0826 cell

Since 1973, Olive Crest has transformed the lives of over 50,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families. We work tirelessly to meet the individual needs of kids in crisis by providing safe homes, counseling, and education for both youth and parents. Our many innovative programs reflect our conviction that strengthening the family is one of the most powerful ways to help heal children. With unwavering compassion, the Olive Crest family maintains a lifelong commitment to the youth and families we serve even after they have graduated from our programs.

Established, proven, and respected, Olive Crest has proudly served the greater Orange County area since its inception in 1973. In 2000, we extended our outreach south to San Diego. Our office locations in Santa Ana and San Diego provide a broad spectrum of care to children and families throughout Orange and San Diego Counties.

The vision of Olive Crest is to be the national leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse. To accomplish this vision, Olive Crest has developed the following strategy to be reached by 2010: lead in program quality and outcomes by achieving 100% of the Quality Management Plan by 2010…increase children and families served annually to 10,000 by 2010…financial support for the children and families by securing $10 million in the C.A.R.E. (Child Abuse Rescue Effort) Fund by 2010…expand awareness to every state through the Keeping Children Safe campaign by 2010.

Contact Info:
2130 E. 4th St., Ste. 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714)543-5463 fax

IYCA Directing OliveCrest/IYCA Volunteering:
Inje Lee, violin
(949)697-0826 cell

Community Service Outreach Program.
For those who are interested in more volunteering opportunities in Irvine, here is a list of charities and organizations which IYCA encourages its members to work for. Throughout the year, we will perform for their causes, events, and functions.

AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County
17982 Sky Park Circle, Ste. J
Irvine, CA 92614
The Foundation provides quality care, education, prevention, and advocacy services to men, women and children in Orange County affected by HIV. ASF offers comprehensive prevention, intervention and education programs. The prevention programs advocate healthy lifestyles by educating participants about risk factors and misperceptions about HIV. The intervention programs promote early detection and offer counseling to help clients manage the disease. The education programs are intended to improve the lives of those already affected by HIV and prevent the disease from spreading further.

American Heart Association
4600 Campus Drive
Irvine, CA 92617
The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency whose mission is to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

California Heart Connection
P.O. Box 50063
Irvine, CA 92619
Telephone: 949-653-6421
Website: http://caheartconnection.homestead.com/
California Heart Connection is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which provides much needed support and information to those born with heart defects. Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect, affecting approximately 40,000 babies in the U.S. each year. Structural heart defects vary dramatically from acquired heart disease, often requiring different medical treatments and presenting unique issues to children and adults affected. California Heart Connection offers free services such as an online support group, events where families can meet, matching of those with similar diagnoses, and downloadable resources, handouts and forms on our website. Our picnic for those with congenital heart defects is held annually in July in Irvine. We are run solely by volunteers and are supported through tax deductible donations.

Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County
19900 MacArthur Blvd. Ste. 1050
Irvine, CA 92612
Website: http://www.dsfoc.org/
To enhance the quality of life for people with Down Syndrome and their families through development and financial support of educational, social and support programs. To promote Down Syndrome awareness and acceptance.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Southern California Office
11900 W. Olympic Blvd. Ste. 560
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Website: http://www.blindness.org/
The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc. is to drive the research that will provide prevention, treatments and cures for the over nine million Americans affected by retinitis pegmentosa,macular degeneration, Usher syndrome and the entire spectrum of retinal degenerative diseases.

Kids Who Care Foundation
2913 El Camino Real, Ste. PMB516
Tustin, CA 92782
Telephone: 949-233-0568
Website: http://www.kidswhocareclub.org/
The Kids Who Care Foundation (KWCF), a volunteer based foundation was founded by a 7 year old in 2004 with the help of her family, to help bring joy to kids with chronic medical conditions and helps families stay connected after her auto islet cell transplant. In the last two years KWCF with the help of our community volunteers as little as 4 years old, we have sent out over 165 card quilts (equal to over 4000 cards) to cheer up kids in hospitals all across the country and internationally! KWCF has been on ABC, NBC, U.S. Embassy of India’s website & magazine, including 14 other newspaper! The Kids Who Care Foundation (KWCF) is a non-profit organization ( 501c3) and is solely dependent on volunteers and contributions from businesses, individuals and foundations within our community. It is a great organization where kids, teens, adults and seniors can help bring a smile and get their community service hours! All KWCF services are free to the kids and families we serve.

Irvine Adult Day Health Center
20 Lake Rd.
Irvine CA 92604
Telephone: 949-262-1123
Website: http://www.irvineadhs.org/

Provide services designed to help individuals maintain their mobility and independence enabling them to remain in their own home as long as possible, and to preserve and enhance their quality of life.

Irvine Community Drug Prevention
c/o IUSD Guidance Resources
5050 Barranca Parkway
Irvine CA 92604
Telephone: 949-559-8710

The Irvine Community Drug Prevention is a Community based, non-profit organization involved in activities to educate the community about negative effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We work closely with the school district, PTA and city government, coordinating Red Ribbon Week and Pennies for Prevention. Sponsors, Parent Edu., Youth Conferences, Dances, and supports Grad Nites and youth Action Team Events. We are non-profit therefore funding is provided through grants and donations.

Irvine Prevention Coalition
c/o IUSD Guidance Resources
5050 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92604
Website:http://www.irvinepreventioncoalition.org/The Irvine Prevention Coalition is an umbrella organization for agencies that offer programs designed for children and families in Irvine. The coalition itself serves as the vehicle for communication, collaboration, and action in Irvine. Through this partnership, we have been able to create an environment where service providers work together to meet the needs of the community. This matters in all aspects of prevention, and is very important when it comes to serving those in need of support.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
2020 East First St, Ste. 120
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone: 714-881-0610

The Society’s mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Since its founding in 1949, the Society has provided more than $320 million for research specifically targeting blood cancers

Lupus International
17985 Sky Park Circle Ste. J
Irvine, CA 92614
Lupus International’s primary purpose is to eradicate lupus by supporting research, alleviate lupus suffering through patient services and early detection through awareness promotion.

National MS Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter
3000-C Airway Ave, Ste. 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Telephone: 760-488-8400 (press “2″)
The goal of the National MS Society is to end the devastating effects of MS by providing monies for research and programs and services for clients and their families.

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
9272 Jeronomo Rd., Ste. A-107A
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949-859-6312
Website: http://www.pcrf-kids.org/
The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) was established in 1982 to improve the care, quality of life and survival rate of children with malignant diseases. PCRF is an independent, nonprofit organization located in Irvine, California, governed by a volunteer 24-member Board of Directors. Since 1982 PCRF’s dedicated volunteers have raised over $22 million for pediatric cancer research. This year the Foundation currently funds over $1.2 million in research being conducted at the PCRF Laboratory at Children’s Hospital of New York, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California. The Foundation is supported by donations from individuals, charitable foundations, businesses and through special events, projects and PCRF holiday card sales. A dedicated group of volunteers donate their time and talents to ensure that over 80% of funds raised go directly to research.

United Cerebral Palsy of O.C.
230 Commerce, Ste. 190
Irvine CA 92602
Telephone: 714-200-2600
Contact: Ms. Kathleen McFarlin, Director of Family Support Services

Founded in 1953, United Cerebral Palsy serves children with all types of developmental disabilities and provides vital support to families. Each year more than 2,500 children and families receive services in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Human Services
American Red Cross
Southern California
100 Red Cross Circle
Pomona, CA 91768
Telephone: (909) 859-7006
Website: www.socalredcross.org
The American Red Cross has been the nation’s premier emergency response organization. As part of a worldwide movement that offers neutral humanitarian care to the victims of war, the American Red Cross distinguished itself by also aiding victims of devastating natural disasters. Over the years, the organization has expanded its services, always with the aim of preventing and relieving suffering.

Assistance League of Irvine
17801 Main Street, Ste. H
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: 949-798-5020
Website: http://www.alirvine.org/
Provide clothing to Irvine children in need. Referrals will come primarily from IPC partners. A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing programs and services that will enrich and improve the quality of life in our community.

Boy Scouts of America – Orange County Council
1211 E. Dyer Road
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Website: http://www.ocbsa.org/
The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetime by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. To support Boy Scouts of America, visit http://www.give2bsa.org/.

Community Service Program (CSP)
1821 E. Dyer Rd., Ste. 120
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone: 949-250-0488
Website: http://www.cspinc.org/
CSP Youth Shelter is an emergency crisis intervention program for Irvine homeless, runaway and at-risk youth ages 11-17. Services provided for clients include 24-hour supervision, education, meals, recreational activities and counseling services to at-risk youth and their family members.

Fair Housing Council of OC
201 S. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Telephone: 714-569-0823
Website: http://fairhousingoc.org/index.htmlUnder the direction of a volunteer board of directors and with a paid staff of 14, the agency works to fulfill a mission of protecting the quality of life in Orange County by ensuring equal access to housing opportunities, fostering diversity and preserving dignity and human rights.

Family Solutions, Inc.
1520 E. Warner Ave. Ste. 33
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone: 714-385-5720
Family Solutions provides homes for abused and neglected children in Orange County. Their mission is to turn disadvantaged children into advantaged adults.

Families Forward
9221 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine CA 92618
Telephone: 949-552-2727
Families Forward is an Irvine-based nonprofit organization that assists homeless and low-income families. Our mission is to help families in need achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, counseling, education and other support services. Founded in 1984 by a dedicated group of community members, Families Forward began with only five apartment units and one part-time counselor. Since then, we have grown to include fourteen homes, a food pantry, program and career counseling, and life skills training.

Friends of Outreach
Lakeview Senior Center
20 Lake Rd.
Irvine, CA 92604
Contact: Jan Owens, President
Telephone: 949-651-1829
Friends of Outreach is a non-profit, all volunteer, community-based organization that helps support the City of Irvine Outreach Programs for seniors through fund raising efforts and service projects such as Friendship Corner, Low Vision Support Group, Tuesday Bingo, Senior Crafters, Repairs of Medical Equipment, and other special needs identified by the Outreach staff team. This organization has been successful in its fundraising efforts which help support the Special Needs Fund and the Keen Center for Senior Resources. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or want to know more about the organization, please call (949) 651-1829 and leave a message for Jan Owens, President.

Girl Scouts of Orange County
9500 Toledo Way
Irvine, CA 92618
Telephone: 949-461-8800
Website: http://www.gscoc.org/
Girl Scouting is a continuous adventure in learning that offers every girl a broad range of activities—field trips, cultural exchanges, community service, leadership opportunities, skill-building workshops, outdoor education—to address her current interests and her future role as a successful woman. Through the guidance of trained leaders who provide encouragement, friendship, advice and resources, Girl Scouting helps each girl learn to set and reach goals, develop leadership skills, form lifelong habits for community service work and reach her fullest potential through personal growth and career exploration.

Goodwill of Orange County
410 N Fairview St.
Santa Ana, CA 92703
Contact: Ms. Anne Martin, VP Sales/Operations
Goodwill Industries of Orange County provides people with disabilities and other barriers to employment the opportunity to achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence through its education, training and employment services. Additional information about Goodwill Industries of Orange County is available on the World Wide Web athttp://www.ocgoodwill.org/.

HomeAid – Orange County, Inc.
17744 Sky Park Circle Ste. 170
Irvine, CA 92614
Telephone 949-553-9510
HomeAid Orange County was established by the Building Industry Association of Southern California to build & renovate shelters for the temporarily homeless, with the goal of adding to the number of shelter beds in Orange County

Human Options, Inc.
5540 Trabuco Rd., Ste. 100
PO Box 53745
Irvine, CA 92619

Human Options’ mission is to help battered women, their families and our community break the cycle of domestic violence. Human Options provides: safety for women and their children, long-term support to rebuild lives and education to create a safe community

Irvine Child Care Project
Telephone: 949-724-6697
Contact: Susan McClintic
Website: www.irvinechildrensfund.com/iccp
The Irvine Child Care Project (ICCP) was established through a joint powers agreement between the City of Irvine and the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) in 1984. Under the direction of the ICCP, modular facilities have been placed on Irvine elementary school sites to provide before and after school childcare for children in grades kindergarten through sixth. The ICCP selects and monitors the non-profit childcare providers who operate the individual programs.

Irvine Children’s Fund
14301 Yale Ave.
Irvine, CA 92604
Telephone: 949-786-6454
The Irvine Children’s Fund assists the community by funding scholarships to working, low-income families for before and after school child care. The organization sponsors the Irvine Junior Games and provides an athletic venue for the children of the City of Irvine.

Irvine Community Alliance Fund
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606
Telephone: 949-724-6684
The Irvine Community Alliance Fund (ICAF) is a non-profit organization created to support the programs and services offered through the City of Irvine Community Services Department.ICAF was created to link individuals, organizations and businesses desiring to raise funds for programs and services offered through the Department. ICAF welcomes grant funding, as well as corporate and individual donations.

Intervention Center for Early Childhood (ICEC)
16265 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Irvine, CA 92618
Telephone: 949-788-9236
Fax: 949-788-9246
ICEC serves over 750 special needs children and their families on an annual basis. Our mission is to assist each developmentally delayed child in achieving optimum developmental potential. This is accomplished by providing global therapy and intervention designed for each child’s abilities, while offering emotional support and training to the entire family.

Jewish Family Services
1 Federation Way Ste. 220
Irvine, CA 92603
Telephone: 949-435-3460
Jewish Family Services provides programs include counseling, support groups, information and assistance, older adult services, refugee resettlement, volunteer opportunities, a free loan program and a healing center.

Jewish Federation Orange County
1 Federation Way, Ste. 210
Irvine, CA 92603
Tel: 949-435-3484 or 714-755-5555
Website: http://www.jewishorangecounty.org/
Jewish Federation provides programming and supports a range of educational and human services through its Community Partners (BBYO, the Bureau of Jewish Education, Hebrew Academy, Hillel, Jewish Family Service, the Merage JCC, Morasha Jewish Day School and Tarbut V’Torah Community Day School). Volunteer activities include Reading Partners, a program sending volunteers into K-3 public school classrooms to increase the English literacy of at-risk youth.

Kiwanis Club of Irvine
4522 Chevoit Drive
Irvine, CA 92604
Tel: 714-322-8882
Kiwanis is a group of men and women who are passionate about serving the youth and children and making our community a better place to live in. The Kiwanis are a part of a worldwide service organization – with more than 500,000 members in 80 countries.

Laura’s House
999 Corporate Dr., Ste. 225
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
Telephone: 949-361-3775
Website: http://www.laurashouse.org/
Laura’s House is a non-profit organization, that prevents and reduces the incidence of domestic and family violence through shelter and support programs, education and outreach.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Orange County
14232 Red Hill Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
Telephone: 714-573-9474
Website: http://www.wishoc.org/
The Foundation grants wishes to children (2 1/2-18) with life- threatening illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Olive Crest
2130 E. Fourth St., Ste. 200
Santa Ana CA 92705
Telephone: 714-543-5437

Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating and education at-risk children and to preserving the family.We are a center providing homes and services for abused children.

Orange County Community Housing Corporation
1833 E. 17th St., Ste. 207
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone: 714-558-8161
Website: http://www.occhc.org/
OCCHC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help large families with little housing choice avoid poverty-like conditions through the provision of decent housing at an affordable price. Its founding in 1977 was based on the principle that our low-wage families deserve safe housing and safe neighborhoods so that their children would have the same education benefits as those from more affluent neighborhoods.

Orange County’s United Way
18012 Mitchell Ave. South
Irvine, CA 92614
Telephone: 949-660-7600
Orange County United Way focuses on what matters…the lives we change and the communities we shape. We bring the right people together to leverage all available resources and dollars to create a positive community impact. We are involved in fund raising to support health and human service providers in Orange County.

OC Rescue Mission
1 Hope Dr.
Tustin, CA 92782
The Orange County Rescue Mission is committed to helping you assist the poor in the most cost-effective way possible. That’s why we take extra care to use every penny efficiently.

Project Independence
3505 Cadillac, Ste. O-103
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626
Telephone: 714-444-0144
Website: http://www.proindependence.org/
Project Independence promotes the community integration of adults with developmental disabilities and to create services which expand their opportunities for personal freedom and choice.

The Raise Foundation
17875 Sky Park Cir. Ste. D
Irvine, CA 92614
Website: http://www.theraisefoundation.org/
The goal of the Raise Foundation is to eliminate child abuse in our community through, leadership, education, advocacy, and service.

Roosters Inc.
2222 Michelson, Ste. 300
Irvine , CA 92612
Telephone: 714-966-9101
Comprised of professional businessmen, the organization raises over hundreds of thousands of dollars for disadvantaged children each year.

Rotary Club of Irvine Spectrum
PO Box 356
Irvine, CA 92650
Website: http://www.irvinerotary.org/
Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. In more than 160 countries worldwide, approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 30,000 Rotary clubs.
The main objective of Rotary is service — in the community, in the workplace, and throughout the world. Rotarians develop community service projects that address many of today’s most critical issues, such as children at risk, poverty and hunger, the environment, illiteracy, and violence. They also support programs for youth, educational opportunities and international exchanges for students, teachers, and other professionals, and vocational and career development. The Rotary motto is Service Above Self.



Saddleback Community Outreach
26776 Vista Terrace
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Telephone: 949-380-8144
Website: http://www.saddlebackoutreach.org/
Saddleback Community Outreach provides emergency assistance to persons facing a crisis situation. The organization also offers services which include the provision of food, homeless intervention, utility assistance, transitional housing, and counseling/life-skills training.

Salvation Army Orange County
10200 Pioneer Rd.
Tustin, CA 92782
Telephone: 714-832-7100
Provides emergency and transitional assistance food and shelters, alcohol and drug rehabilitation services, employment preparation and placement services and youth recreation and development programs.

SANAD Foundation
P.O. BOX 54970
Irvine, CA 92619-4970
Telephone: 949-394-5955
The Sudanese American National Affairs and Development Foundation (SANAD) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) broad-based community initiative dedicated to ýenhancing the quality of life of Sudanese American children and families.ý Our mission is to assist men, women, and families of Sudanese heritage overcome cultural and language barriers, and to motivate and inspire them to be educated, enlightened, and better functioning citizens through counseling and ESL classes. Additional goals include: 1) to strengthen the family ties and community spirit and to introduce community programs to bridge the gap and enhance the relationships between parents and their children in a family, and those of families in the community; 2) to sponsor, organize and carry out cultural and educational events in order to preserve Sudanese cultural values; 3) to assist immigrants, refugees and displaced individuals of Sudanese heritage with translation, counseling, and other issues in the resettlement process; 4) to provide emotional as well as financial assistance to Sudanese families in the absence of the head of a household due to death, medical or otherwise reasons; 5) to advocate cultural exchange, to promote education at all levels; and 6) to cooperate with charitable and other organizations involved in community services.

Second Harvest Food Bank
8014 Marine Way
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-653-2900
Website: www.feedoc.org
Solicits and coordinates funding efforts and volunteers to supply food, education and advocacy for the hungry through non-profit partners and direct feeding programs.

Serving People in Need (S.P.I.N.)
151 Kalmus Dr., Ste. H-2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Assists low-income and homeless people with financial assistance for housing costs and, through a network of comprehensive support services, enable them to become self-sufficient and no longer dependent on public support.

Share Our Selves
1550 Superior Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Provides free care and assistance to those in need and act as advocates for systemic change.

Standup for Kids
PO Box 14398
Irvine,CA 92623-4398
Telephone: 714-356-KIDS (5437)
Standup for Kids targets homeless and at-risk youths age 21 and younger. In addition to helping homeless and at-risk youth with immediate necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and personal hygiene, STANDUP FOR KIDS offers a wide array of services, including: assistance in finding housing; education assistance; vocational development; counseling; health services; transportation to self-help meetings; and legal assistance. Volunteers also conduct life-skills training, covering such areas as budgeting, banking, apartment cleanliness and safety, shopping and cooking, nutrition, and hygiene. Laundry services and lunch and snack facilities are made available, as well as mail and message services.

2900 Bristol St., Ste. D-105,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Telephone: 714-979-7061
Website: http://www.stopgap.org/
STOP-GAP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) theatre company whose mission is to use drama as a therapeutic and educational tool to improve individual lives.
During our 28 years of community service, more than 500,000 children and adults have participated in STOP-GAP’s programs. In addition to reaching 40,000 children each year through our educational classroom presentations for students, we provide 500 drama therapy workshops each year to specific populations such as abused children, parenting teens, homeless youth, children suffering from life threatening illnesses, battered women, adults in recovery from substance abuse and the elderly. All of STOP-GAP’s programs are designed to empower individuals of all ages to create positive change in their lives.

Sutton Foundation, Inc.
1739 S. Douglass Rd., Ste. F,
Anaheim, CA 92806
Phone: (714) 978-0365
Website: http://www.suttonfoundationinc.org/
Sutton Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Anaheim, California that provides adults with developmental and other disabilities the ability to learn daily living skills, use neighborhood services, and enjoy a family atmosphere. Since 1977, well over 30 years since its beginning, our company has evolved to meet the challenging needs of individuals that can not help themselves. We help both men and women ages 18 to 59 that are identified as having a need for long-term care placement and/or behavioral modification as identified by the Regional Center of Orange County.

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, U.S.A.
1100 S. Valley Center Ave.
San Dimas, CA 91773
Telephone: 909-447-7799
Website: http://www.tzuchi.org/global/
Orange County Service Center:
2851 Pullman
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone: 949-833-0822
Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundations is an international charity organization founded by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in 1966. Stemming from its headquarter in Taiwan, Tzu Chi’s operations have extended to North and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. Currently, there are over 5,000,000 members around the world. Taiwan Buddhist Foundation USA is the largest oversea Tzu Chi chapter. As of 1999, there are 62 offices and over 61,000 members throughout the U.S. Chapter. Tzu Chi members follow the footsteps of the founder, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, by providing assistance to the needy regardless of race or religion. Our volunteers provide services in eight major fields: charity, medical care, education, culture, bone marrow donor program, international relief, environmental protection and community service.

Team Kids, Inc
366 San Miguel, Ste. 310
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Telephone: 949-706-1880
Website: http://www.teamkids.org/
Team Kids is a non-profit organization devoted to providing school-based and community-wide service learning programs for children and young adults. Honored as one of the best service-learning programs on the West Coast at the 2005 National Service Learning Conference, Team Kids implements programs to help raise the self-esteem and confidence in young people, while empowering them to serve as advocates to help others.

THINK Together
2001 E. Fourth Ste. 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705
THINK Together provides tutoring and mentoring programs, with a focus on academic and literacy achievement, for the most at-risk youth of Orange County.

Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County
1901 E. Fourth Street, Ste. 100,
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Telephone:714-953-5757 ext.218
Assists non-profits, public, and community organizations by linking them with volunteer manpower resources and provide education, professional development and information resources. The Board Connection Program Trains and links, via a personal coach, individuals interested in leadership positions on nonprofit board of directors. Affords companies an opportunity to link to the community and provides their employees with leadership training. Provides nonprofits with educational opportunities for board development, recruiting and orienting.

Women Helping Women
711 W. 17th Street Ste. A-10
Costa Mesa, Ca 92627
Telephone: 949-631-2333
Website: http://www.whw.org/
Women Helping Woman assists women in their transition to self sufficiency by providing a “Professional Clothes Closet” aimed at supplying suitable clothes so they can dress appropriately for job interviews and employment as they seek to enter or re-enter the workforce. Clients include victims of domestic violence, homeless, refugees, parolees and “working poor.”

Working Wardrobes
11614 Martens River Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Working Wardrobes is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and adults in crisis on their way economic stability. This is done through a year-round series of Life Skills workshops on career development, resume writing, interviewing techniques, image enhancement, and special self-esteem events.

Young Ladies with Potential
P.O. Box 15505
Irvine, CA 92606
Telephone: 949-474-0623
Website: http://www.ylwponline.org/
Young Ladies with Potential is a not-for-profit organization that provides guidance, assistance, and training to teenage girls between the ages of 13-19 years. YLWP consists of business professionals, advisors and volunteers that have dedicated their lives to counsel, support, and motivate young ladies who have difficulties adapting to womanhood, and making career or life altering decisions. Drawing upon differences. YLWP tries to eliminate discrimination and promote democratic leadership by way of participation for all. YLWP’s main objective is to transform the young ladies you see today into prosperous women of tomorrow.

Arts & Learning Conservatory
11422 Jola Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92843
Telephone: (714) 623-1907
Website: www.artsandlearning.com
Arts & Learning Conservatory seeks to make opportunities for the arts, including school theatre arts and summer camp programs, available to all children. Scholarship and volunteer opportunities are available.

Concordia UniversityFoundation
1530 Concordia West
Irvine, CA 92612
Telephone: 949-854-8002
Website: www.cui.edu/giving
The Concordia University Foundation is an exempt organization created for the benefit of Concordia University with the purpose of soliciting, receiving, and distributing funds to and for the use of Concordia University.

International Academy of Irvine
17052 Gillette Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
Telephone: 949-752-0237
Website: www.international-academy-irvine.org
The International Academy of Irvine is the leading bilingual immersion (French/English or Spanish/English) International school in Southern California. The Academy offers the world-renowned French early childhood program at its preschool and the rigorous French and Spanish curriculum, with the openness of the American curriculum in its 1st through 12th grades. In a morally and ethically grounded spirit of higher education, the Academy prepares its students to access the most demanding universities in the United States and Europe.

Irvine Public Schools Foundation
18552 MacArthur Blvd., Ste. 200
Irvine, CA 92612
Telephone: 949-263-8340
Website:Irvine Public Schools Foundation’s (IPSF) mission is to provide community and corporate funding in support of public education and to manage educational and child development programs within the Irvine Unified School District (IUSD).
The Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) believes that effective community support is needed to provide the best educational opportunities for our children. When you make an investment through IPSF, you’re making a statement. That you won’t settle for mediocre education in your community. That your children deserve the best.
By working with individuals, community groups and corporations, IPSF ensures that the quality of education your children enjoy is comparable to the finest private schools in the country, and at a cost that’s a fraction of private school tuition.

Irvine Valley CollegeFoundation
5500 Irvine Center Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: (949) 451-5290
Website: http://www.ivc.edu/foundation
The IVC Foundation is committed to raising funds and friends in support of the current and future students of Irvine Valley College.

Latin and Ballroom Dance Association
P.O. Box 5566
Irvine, CA 92616
Phone: (949) 468-0310
Website: http://www.latinballroom.org/
Latin and Ballroom Dance Association, also known as Danse L’Affaire, provides training and a practice environment for the forms of social and competitive ballroom dance recognized by the Dancesport Organizations and by the International Olympic Committee. Our mission is to not only produce the highest quality of social and competitive dancers possible, but to also create an environment for members that is conducive to scholarly appreciation of the dances as an art form, as well as personal growth and physical exercise. The organization organizes regular social events for its members. As part of our efforts to generate awareness of and interest in social competitive ballroom dancing, we may sponsor dances, book performances and attend public dances.

The Bureau of Jewish Education
1 Federation Way, Ste. 205
Irvine, CA 92603
Phone: 949-435-3450

Website: http://www.bjeoc.org/
Now in our 30th year, the Bureau’s goal is to provide a safe place to explore and experience being Jewish through our educational programs for Jewish youth and adults in Orange County. Our programs include: Adat Noar, TALIT, ACL, Community Shabbatonim, TIES, Foundations and Dinner with a Scholar.

Project Tomorrow
15707 Rockfield Blvd. Ste. 330
Irvine, CA 92618
Telephone: 949-609-4660
Project Tomorrow is a business and education nonprofit collaborative dedicated to enhancing K-12 science education in Orange County, California schools
UCI Foundation
555 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-5600
Telephone: 949-824-7915
The UCI Foundation was formed for the purpose of encouraging voluntary private gifts, trusts and bequests for the benefit of the University of California, Irvine.The foundation provides financial support for various University schools and programs, including research grants, student scholarships, instructional support, equipment purchases, capital improvements and education.

Environment and Animals
Irvine Animal Care
6443 Oak Cyn.
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 724-7740
Website: http://www.irvineshelter.org/
Cares for over 4,000 homeless animals annually and provides pet adoption services.

Nature Reserve of Orange County
15600 Sand Canyon Ave.
Irvine, CA 92618
Telephone: 949-453-3324
Website: http://www.naturereserveoc.org/
To work with public agencies, preservation-oriented organizations, property owners and the interested public to encourage preservation, enhancement and restoration of natural resources within the reserve and to preserve, protect, and enhance the environmental, natural, wildlife habitat, and recreational values of such lands

Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition
P.O. Box 19393
Irvine, CA 92623
Website: http://www.oc-arc.com/
Rescue animals in need, reduce pet overpopulation and provide pet adoption services

Sea & Sage Audobon Society
P.O. Box 5447
Irvine, CA 92616
Telephone: 949-261-7963
Website: http://www.seaandsageaudubon.org/
The goals of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary is to promote public awareness and understanding of marsh environment ecology, provide opportunities for on-site education in regard to marsh environments and assist in preservation of the San Joaquin Marsh environment.

The Africa Project
c/o Nancy Colocino
19 Mariposa
Irvine, Ca 92604
Telephone: 949-502-7921
Website: theafricaproject.com
The Africa Project was inspired by the stunning 2003 BBC Documentary by Brian Woods and Deborah Shipley called The Orphans of Nkandla that looks at children who are orphaned because of AIDS. The heart-breaking and disturbing story of these children was so moving for a group of citizens in the California community of Irvine that they decided to do something immediately to help. They formed The Africa Project driven by the belief that despite the unprecedented scale of this tragedy, even the smallest steps to help these children would count.

Irvine Sister Cities Foundation
P.O. Box 5748
Irvine, CA 92616
Email: irvinesistercities@mac.com
Website: www.ci.irvine.ca.us/about/sistercities
Recognizing the need to foster goodwill and understanding between its citizens and people of other nations, the City of Irvine has established a partnership with the Irvine Sister Cities Foundation to create an international program, reaching out to all segments of Irvine’s diverse community. The Irvine Sister Cities Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1989 to assess, plan and implement programs that fulfill the City’s opportunities and commitments involving affiliated cities in other countries. The Foundation also serves the community by responding to initiatives and communications directed to the City of Irvine from a variety of governmental and private agencies and organizations abroad.

Irvine MultiCultural Association
20 Lake Rd.
Irvine, CA 92604
Telephone: 949-797-1234
Website: http://www.irvinemulticultural.org/
The Irvine Multicultural Association is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian, secular and social group formed and supported by volunteers in the city of Irvine whose mission is to promote cultural harmony in the community. The association’s purpose is to nurture and promote cross-cultural communication, education, appreciation, and understanding in the community.

Cultural Arts

Philharmonic Society of Orange County
2082 Business Center Drive, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92612
Website: http://www.philharmonicsociety.org/

The Philharmonic Society of Orange County is a world leader in the presentation and education of great music, presenting Irvine, and all of Orange County, with the world’s most acclaimed symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, and soloists with performances at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, Orange County Performing Arts Center, and Orange County Museum of Art. The Philharmonic Society also provides an extensive array of music education programs, free of charge, to nearly 200,000 children from kindergarten through high school each year.


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