[tab title="FOX Sports"] The Irvine Young Concert Artists perform on FOX Sports on Christmas Eve, 2005

[/tab] [tab title="The Christmas Song"] The Irvine Young Concert Artists with Inch Chua and David Choi, 2011

[/tab] [tab title="MBC Profile"]
[/tab] [tab title="Youth Profile"] Irvine City’s profile of IYCA

[/tab] [tab title="IYCA tour to London 2012 Olympics"]
[/tab] [tab title="IYCA Japan Benefit Concert 2011"]
[/tab] [tab title="IYCA 2008 Tour Preview"]
[/tab] [tab title="IYCA 2008 Tour Qinghuangdao, China Preview"]
[/tab] [/accordiontabs]


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