The Need


Support Us.

The IYCA are truly Irvine’s cultural ambassadors to the world. Performing more than forty concerts a year, IYCA is a vital ingredient to the cultural life of Irvine. Our vision and support from the parents, the city of Irvine, world politicians, and leading conductors have helped us evolve into true cultural ambassadors since our birth in 2005. In 2012, IYCA steps into the London Olympics limelight with innovative programming and solo opportunities. It will highlight the best of Irvine’s young musicians. And your support will provide the young artists of IYCA with a life-changing tour experience.


Why Give.

The young artists of IYCA are cultural ambassadors and humanitarians. Dedicated to impacting the lives of others through music, every member has learned the importance of giving. Each concert is about collaboration, dialogue, and giving to a cause. The students understand the importance of charities and our concerts always carry this message. And this is how we teach the young musicians about life.

The IYCA musicians take great pride in their performances. They are collective voices that need nurturing. Today, they are refining their art. Tomorrow, they will grow to be caring adults. Your gift provides support that will make dreams reality, bringing music from Irvine to the international community. Support our young artists in their international endeavors and musical education.
Your gift helps sustain our outreach programs and artistic excellence in the community.  With your support, we will continue to touch millions, locally, on tour, or through a live television broadcast.



Synonymous with giving, the Medici family made the Renaissance a reality.
In 2011, the Medici Society will bring the philosophy of patronage to the IYCA. The pride of making a musician’s dream come true is a gratifying relationship between artist and benefactor. It is a true legacy for any donor. Join the Medici Society to support IYCA’s vision of the arts in Irvine. And not just the arts, but the future of every young artist in the IYCA.


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