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Sometimes, in the history of great cultural institutions, a moment of splendid opportunity arrives, when the future is ours to shape.

For IYCA, that moment is now. 2012. And it’ll take place in London. A year from now, the world will be glued to the events of the 2012 London Olympic Games. And IYCA will be there doing what it does best, performing.

It’s an honor, to say the least. In 2008, IYCA performed at the Beijing Olympics. The invitation which included eight concerts in fourteen days – televised and broadcasted live on the radio — made headlines worldwide. Four years later, the invitation came from London. First for a post-royal wedding reception and secondly to perform at the London Games. Eager to receive Irvine’s premiere cultural ambassadors, the UK would honor IYCA with five concerts in London. IYCA accepted the invite, with honor.

No stranger to the Olympics, IYCA musicians are booked to first perform two concerts in Paris, then travel to London where they will be perform at the London Calling, the British Embassy, the Cultural Olympiad, and in the Olympic Village. A special outdoor concert at the final mile of Torch Relay prior to Opening Ceremonies will captivate millions on television. The stuff of dreams, history will be made next July 2012.

With a growing global reputation for artistic excellence and opportunities, 2012 is the year IYCA needs your help. To usher in a new era, IYCA is engaging you to be apart of our London 2012 Endowment Campaign to make this tour a reality.

Your support will fund scholarships for IYCA members to perform at the London 2012 Olympics. We need your help to raise $200,000 for this historic tour. Please support the IYCA with your generosity.

Albert Wu
Executive Director (Oct 2011)


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